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Eden Boys & Girls School

Two, three storey detached school buildings with rooftop plant, attached indoor sports facilities with double height sports hall and studio, with associated access, parking and circulation areas, formation of outdoor sports facilities.

Value £600k
  • PFC Corofil C450 Cavity Firestop
  • M4 Natural Dry Silo Mortar
  • Stainless Steel Masonry Ties and Brick Reinforcement
  • Naylor Precast Concrete lintels
  • CCP 10.4N 140mm Block
  • Kingspan K15:2400x1200x90mm Insulation
  • Visqueen DPC
Programme 25 Weeks

No1 Trafford

139 one bedroom, 211 two bedroom and 4 three bedroom flats with 2 commercial units on the ground floor for use of restaurant with kitchen and gymnasium with associated offices

Value £4m
  • Tyvek Firecurb Wrap
  • Rockwool Duoslab Insulation 50mm & 100mm
  • 140mm Plasmor Block
  • Metz Flashing DPC Cavity Tray 300mm x 10mm
  • Vista Ties & Brick Reinforcement
  • 50mm & 100mm Compression Sleeves
  • Stainless Lintels
Programme 60 Weeks

Lymm Fire Station

Brand new Fire Station in Lymm order to increase response time across Cheshire, Halton and Warrington

Value £500k
  • Ibstock Staffordshire Brick
  • Rainfords 140mm Paint Grade Block
  • Ancon Ties
  • Hyload 600mm DPC
  • 75mm Insulation CELOTEX
  • Birtley Lintels
  • Catnic Lintels
  • Naylor Lintels
Programme 20 Weeks

Aldi Crewe

New build 1 storey Aldi Foodstore Crewe University Way. Kinlan completed the masonry package on this project

Value £200k
  • Kingspan K108 50mm
  • Plasmor 100mm & 140mm PG Block
  • Naylor Lintels
  • Hyload DPC
  • Forterra 65mm County Multi Dragwire Brick
  • Vista Ties & Brick Reinforcement
Programme 20 Weeks

Liverpool FC Retail Store

The brand new Liverpool Football Club Retail Store that Kinlan completed the masonry works on.

Value £500k
  • Kingspan K8 75mm
  • Teplo BF2 Ties
  • 100mm PG Block
  • Ibstock Aldridge Smooth Red Brick
  • Brickwork Sundries
Programme 25 Weeks

Elmsley Homes

The new Housing Development Kinlan Brickwork Ltd completed the brick work on.

Value £400k
  • Catnic Lintels
  • Birtley Old English Buff Brick
  • Multi Grey Rustic Brick
  • 100mm Block Work
  • 140mm Block Work
  • Brickwork Sundries 
Programme 25 Weeks

Tytherington Alder Court 

Kinlan Brickwork Ltd have completed the brick work on the stunning Red Row homes.

Value £1.5m
  • Keystone Lintels
  • Stonework
  • Brickwork Sundries 
  • Insulation 
Programme 24 Months