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Kinlan Brickwork Ltd has been established for 18 years. We are a leading Facade subcontractor working on projects in England. We have expertise in tight, high rise City Centre projects. We supply Labour, Plant, Materials and Access for all types of Masonry and Cladding.

We have unrivalled access to time served bricklayers and fixing technicians. All our operatives are supported by our highly experienced management team, including Site Foremen, Project Managers and Contracts Managers.

Kinlan focus on repeat business with our clients and are committed to completing projects on time and within budget.

We have a bespoke QA monitoring system, through Field View, ensuring our work is built to the highest quality. Reports are given at handover which make sure every stage of the build can be monitored, checked and verified. We are accredited to self-certify the installation of cavity fire products, which will ensure that the Developers project is built to required standards.

Through negotiated projects and early engagement our in house design and QS team effectively value engineer savings. This ensures our clients budget is achieved and reduces future design issues.

Featured Projects


Kinlan Brickwork Ltd have completed the 18 storey high apartment block consisting of 139 one bedroom, 211 two bedroom and 4 three bedroom


A brand-new and exclusive residential development combining Manchester’s industrious past with decadent, modern city living. The building will be 40 Storeys high containing 399 units.



The redevelopment of the stand will include 7,000 more seats added to the stadium. The stand will see the lower tier retained and refurbished with a new upper tier built above it.

Latest News

Fantastic leadership example from our site managers!

At our Lowood site, the management team Brian and Rob gathered all our site operatives together to deliver a tool box talk on risks associated with manual handling.

IPAF Mast Climbing Work Platform Training…

Well done to our 12 operatives who completed and passed their IPAF Mast Climbing Work Platform Training.

A catch up with a few of our 12 apprentices…

Brilliant attitude, looking forward to seeing the continued progression; such a necessity for the industry 🙌🧱

Another one of our completed projects – Ancoat Gardens…

Another one of our completed projects – Ancoat Gardens looking great in the sunshine ☀

Over 70,000 brick set this week alone at Kinlan over a range of 11 live projects.

Excellent work by all – construction can be challenging at the best of times but nothings too much when you have such a dedicated team.

A great start to brickwork on Manchester project – Derwent Street.

Excellent to have a full team of our in house fixers working within the screens to let the cavity works get well ahead. Brickwork looking superb.

What a day in Anfield…

What a day in Anfield; by no means an easy job but anything can be done with a dedicated team – organisation, consistency and determination 💪🏻👏🏻🧱

Such a fun and eventful end to the week on Friday with our amazing team!😊

We had a lovely day/night celebrating all of our achievements we have had so far this year and all the fantastic things we have to look forward to for the rest of this year!

Anfield Site Update …

Crest being built on the East splay wall 🧱👏🏼

In memory of Ged Doolan …

In memory of Ged Doolan, there will be a Charity Golf Day held on 29th July at Lee Park to help raise money for the Willowbrook Hospice.