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Masts Completed at Anchorage Quay

8 March 2023

An update on our site Anchorage – masts 8,9,10,11 and 12 complete, final snag and mast dismantle to now commence 🧱

This has been a fantastic job to be involved in and we are looking forward to the project being completed 👏🏼


New Project: Lumina Village – Manchester

650,000 brick to lay, 2,500 meters of angle support, 11,000 m2 of cavity work, 8,000 meters of fire barriers – all in 50 weeks; made possible with collaboration from both the main contractor and other familiar sub contractors.

Our QA …

QA – With the introduction of the golden thread of information within the new building safety act (BSA) it is now more important than ever to document our work on site.

Really Productive Week By The Team At Waterhouse Gardens …

Really productive week by the team at Waterhouse Gardens, building at an amazing pace but not slipping on quality🧱

A Huge Well Done To Our Trainee Assistant Site Manager Ellis Jones …

A huge well done to our trainee assistant site manager Ellis Jones for winning the Ani Card Health and Safety Award from our client BCEGI UK for his time on Church Street site 👏🏻

Macie’s Progress …

Macey is one of our apprentices that’s really starting to reap the rewards of her own hard work and dedication.

No.3 Circle Square …

During last weeks site inspection it was fantastic to see our brick work technicians dedication to ingenuity and practicality, with collaboration from our client GMI this work station with task lighting and bespoke storage facilities have been created.

This Week We Welcome Our Newest Recruit – Darren.

Darren is one of our few new acquisitions that we will be making in Leeds – as we begin to make good productive starts on our Yorkshire projects.

Our Sites, Outwood Wharf, Waterhouse Gardens, City Point and Circle Square Have All Held Safety Stand Downs Today …

Our sites, Outwood Wharf, Waterhouse Gardens, City Point and Circle Square have all held safety stand downs today to empower our employees to speak out should they need some help or assistance in finding the right advice available to them and not to suffer in silence should they have any concerns.

Works Starting To Gather Pace At Waterhouse Gardens …

Works starting to gather pace at Waterhouse Gardens with the safety screen installation now complete to Block C and progressing well on Block D 👏🏻

t Kinlan Brickwork Ltd, We Recently Had The Privilege Of Hosting A Visit From Corofil …

At Kinlan Brickwork Ltd, we recently had the privilege of hosting a visit from Corofil one of our firestopping manufacturers, we passed with flying colours.